Safety Concerns for Bouncy Houses

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STATELINE (WIFR) – After a bouncy house in Nevada blows away with kids inside, a Stateline company wants to make sure our kids are safe and secure.

Beecher Williams owns Jumpin’ Jacks Inflatables in Loves Park and says he uses bigger stakes to secure each playhouse.

Williams says some parents have concerns about the safety of bouncy houses after an inflatable slide blew away with kids inside in Nevada. Williams says even if these structures are secure. It’s still important for an adult to always watch their kids while they’re playing inside.

“As a parent, I’m always worried about children. It’s our number one concern. We want people to have fun but at the same time we want parents and those running an organization to be responsible and watch the kids themselves,” said Williams.

Another bouncy house flew fifty feet into the air in New York back in May. Two kids suffered broken bones and serious head injuries after falling out of it while it was in mid-air and landing on a car.

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