Safer Rock County Schools

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- In light of the recent school tragedies around the country, Rock County is going out of its way to make its schools safer. Today leaders from Janesville and Beloit met to sign a memorandum of understanding.

A memorandum of understanding is much more important than it sounds. It's a way for local agencies to share information with each other, a way to make sure they're doing everything they can to intervene in a child's life, before it's too late.

Leaders from every school district in the county now meet on a monthly basis. The new document works within Wisconsin State Law so for example police can share information with school personnel.
The agencies will keep the information confidential, but they can talk to each other about problem students without a maze of bureaucracy getting in the way.

"Each District will present a list of names of people in their district that they're concerned about. We call them students of concern. They don't necessarily have to be arrested, or in trouble, but they might be truant, they might be falling off the grid and we're just concerned there might be something else going on in their lives."

Today they called it a meeting of all the "number ones”, People who are in charge of local agencies and schools. A lot of people had evidently retired and the county wanted to make sure that new employees were just as dedicated to the safe schools agreement.

Even though there are still armed security officers at Rock County schools, they cut back on some because of budget issues in the last few years. The school's resource officers are the ones who have the responsibility to gather information about the students of concern, students who may have problems.

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