SEQUESTRATION: RFD Control Tower to Stay Open, Airfest Still in Limbo

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Nearly 200 air traffic control towers across the county will close this year, starting as soon as next month. It's all because of automatic government spending cuts which kicked in last week.

The good news is the air traffic control tower at the Chicago-Rockford International Airport will remain open. Airport Director Mike Dunn tells us RFD is not considered a small or medium size airport because of its commercial flights and UPS hub. But sequestration could impact Rockford's Airfest. The Blue Angels and other military aircraft could be grounded because of budget cuts at the Pentagon. Dunn says he's optimistic the show will go on.

"You're talking to someone that doesn't believe the sequestration issue is going to be an issue by the end of this month. The parties in Washington will do what their sent to Washington to do.. Finally and They'll do their jobs and they will come up with a settlement and this discussion will be long forgotten a year or so down the road," Dunn said.

Dunn says he's been in contact with the Blue Angles and as of right now everything is still on for this summer's Airfest. But if that should happen to change, the airport is looking into other options.

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