Roscoe Police Announce Tobacco Compliance Check Results

ROSCOE (WIFR) -- On February 22, 2013, all Roscoe tobacco retailers were inspected for the second of three rounds of compliance checks to be conducted on all tobacco retailers within the community.

A total of 12 tobacco retailers were inspected and 1 was found to be in violation of the law by selling tobacco to a minor.

The compliance checks are performed to determine if local tobacco retailers are complying with state minimum-age tobacco laws which prohibit the sale of tobacco to persons under the age of 18. With the help from a grant awarded by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s “Kids Can’t Buy ‘Em Here” Tobacco Enforcement Program,

The Roscoe Police Department educates local tobacco retailers on minimum-age tobacco laws and the importance of verifying the age of customers before selling age-restrictive products such as tobacco.

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