Roscoe Neighbors Blame Park for Flooded Backyards

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ROSCOE (WIFR) -- Sandbags are still out in the Stateline while river levels continue to drop. The cleanup work following this flood is taking its toll, and not just on families who live on the water.

Chad Hood's yard is green and tidy, a great place for his grandsons to play, but something they couldn't do a few days ago. Hood lives nowhere near the banks of the Rock River in Roscoe, but that didn’t stop his home from becoming an island over the weekend.

"It was covered; all 4 sides were completely underwater I've lived here twenty five years, and we’ve never had as much as an inch of water,” says Hood.

He blames the flooding on the new sports complex near his home. The township is in the process of building a park that will include multiple baseball diamonds, a football field and several soccer fields.

"They didn’t design the drainage to the park and they built the road up and it's making like a dike and the water has nowhere to run off the field and it just comes right back into the neighbors yards," Hood adds.

Hood’s next door neighbor of more than 20 years, Dave Judy, says his septic system flooded during last week's heavy rains. He says he's not sure if the sports fields are the culprit.

"We've never have water come up into our backyard, or the neighbors before and sure we’ve had some hard rains, so time will tell I guess,” says Judy. “The next time it rains, let’s see how far the water comes."

If the water comes up too high, Hood says he'd considering leaving the neighborhood.

"I'd hate to move, we really like it here, and we’ve done all the improvements and stuff you want to do. But eventually we'll be gone because you can’t live under these conditions,” says Hood.

Multiple drainage ditches and dry wells were incorporated into the design of the 42 acre park to handle extra water, but Hood and some of his neighbors say more needs to be done.

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