Roscoe Fire Department Responds to Chimney Fire

Harlem-Roscoe Firefighter Radi Huggard and Brandon Tietz ladder the roof of a duplex on Burr Oak Rd in Roscoe.

ROSCOE (WIFR) – The Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department was called to a chimney fire on Burr Oak Road in Roscoe after the resident reported seeing flames coming from the chimney.

Firefighters were called to a duplex on Burr Oak Road in Roscoe for a chimney fire. The fire was due to creosote buildup after the resident started a fire in the fireplace. The family dog alerted the resident that something was wrong and flames coming out of the chimney were reported. The fire had burned out when fire units arrived. Firefighters checked the chimney and the attic of the home for any fire extension.

The resident said he will be getting the chimney cleaned before using it again.

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