Rolling Green Neighborhood Hosts Educational Forum

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Transform Rockford has been on a roll as of the last couple months and it has many people in the community motivated for change.

Parents in the Rolling Green Neighborhood Association are concerned with school safety, building improvements and the status of district wide initiatives so they decided to sit down with school leaders for a discussion.

Members of the neighborhood joined Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Ehren Jarrett and school board members to learn about the current state of their schools and what can be improved.

The floor was open for anyone to ask questions about any of the area's schools, but in particular Flinn, Rolling Green and Whitehead.

Association President John Ekberg believes everyone can benefit from good schooling.

"The quality of life, the values of your property are linked with the school system and we're excited about what's happening so we're on to spread the good word about it," said Ekberg. "We also want to know how we can make it even better because once again our values are increased when we have good schools."

Superintendent Jarrett says that forums like this are what helps the district schools improve and he makes it a point to attend a couple each month.

Anyone interested in joining the group can find them on Facebook by searching "Rolling Green Association."

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