Rockford's Unemployment Rate Drops in April

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some local businesses are hiring for seasonal positions. New unemployment numbers show Rockford's jobless rate has dropped in the last year.

"After a month and half two months goes by you start to think well maybe I should just take anything."

After losing her job in February, Janeen Abdo is now helping others look for work. She just started as a recruiter at Workplace, a staffing agency in Rockford.

"You're a little nervous scared, because everyone's saying there's no jobs and you gotta go find a job," said Abdo.

New unemployment numbers show Rockford's jobless rate is getting better. Last month it dropped to 9.2% compared to just over 10% in April 2013.

"It isn't just about seasonal employment, it's just companies tend to be getting busier this time of year," said Lorayne Logan of Workplace.

Recruiters say a lot of people have stopped looking for work which could explain the decline. The Forest City now has the highest unemployment rate in the state.

"A lack of experience is a lot that's hurting a lot of people, not having a high school education. Not having a driver's license for some of them, because some companies need deliveries," said Abdo.

Abdo says she's lucky to find work in such a short time, saying filling out applications is a job. But she says the work doesn't stop once you land the position.

"You gotta work for it, you gotta try to sell yourself and prove that you deserve that job and and if you do get the job you gotta really prove that you earned it."

Locally Belvidere has the highest number of people seeking jobs at 11.2 percent. That's dropped from 12.1 last year.

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