Rockford Native Picks Up 10th Grammy Nomination

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Growing up in Rockford, Martha Elling knew her son Kurt had musical talent but little did she know he would go on to become a Grammy winning artist, an accomplishment she remembers in 2010.

"We were ecstatic and that was it”, says a smiling Elling thinking about the moment, “He was too, he was just thrilled. He talks about being disappointed, disappointed. He was ready for disappointment but then he got it."

Kurt Elling collected his 10th career nomination at this year's Grammys...two years after winning music's highest honor for best jazz vocal album. While the award winning artist has garnered much attention in the jazz wasn't until college that the Lutheran High School grad found his calling.

Kurt’s mother says, "He said I want to sing. I said to him I didn't know what kind of singing he was going to do, but one of his classmates was playing jazz...and he says, well I can do that, and he got hooked on it. "

All nine of Elling's albums have been nominated for a golden phonograph dating back to 1995...and despite not coming away with the award this year, his family is confident 20-12 won't be his last appearance at the Grammys.

"He'll get nominated again for his next one”, says Elling.

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