Rockford Visioning Sessions Come to an End

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- For months, we've had the chance to give our input on ways to transform Rockford. As those community visioning sessions begin to wrap up, the leaders of the Transform Rockford movement are looking forward to the next step in the process.

As was the case at most visioning sessions, education, jobs and public safety were the hot topics at Saturday's meeting which was held at Jefferson High School. Many Saturday said Rockford needs more vocational training to put more people to work and attract new businesses. Another concern was the city's lack of culture.

"Through the dozens of visioning sessions, everybody does talk about things like education and jobs, but the way they want to go about it, like the types of jobs or the different types of education, differs from person to person a little bit," says Mike Schablaske, Executive Director of Transform Rockford.

The visioning sessions run through the end of March. Transform Rockford leaders will then come up with ways to achieve those needs, brought up during the visioning sessions.

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