Rockford Student Gives Perspective on Fighting in Gaza

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A student from Palestine who is currently in the MBA program at Rockford University says his family and friends have been in the line of fire during the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Odey Khader says so far, none of his loved ones who live in the Gaza Strip have been hurt. However, his uncle reported that his home was destroyed by a fighter jet last week. Khadar add many familiar streets and landmarks have been destroyed by bombs. This was all started as a way for Israeli policies to prove to voters that they can protect the borders of Israel according to Khader. He calls the strikes in his homeland war crimes saying many of the victims he's seen have been young children.

“We are talking about stories, about 500 stories, 500 smiles, 500 dreams. Those children, they have the right to dream as any other children in the world. We have the right to live in peace as any other nation in the world," says Khader.

Khader believes the best hope of solving this conflict is to the two state solution of 1967.

23 News spoke a few days ago with an Israeli who grew up in Rockford and is currently visiting family in Israel. To read her perspective:

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