Rockford Seeing Rise in Condemned Homes

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s not only an eyesore but it’s also a danger to the community and the number of condemned homes in Rockford is escalating at an alarming level.

The City of Rockford condemned 315 homes in 2013, more than triple the total just two years before in 2011. Overall, there are over 700 condemned homes in Rockford with one of the most concentrated areas being the Orchid District on the city’s near southeast side.

Neighborhood president Joe Owen has worked hard to reduce the amount of drugs and gangs in the Orchid District but the amount of abandoned homes remain a great challenge.

“You know at one time Mike, it used to be drugs. and gang bangers and prostitutes. Now it's the abandoned homes and you know that broken window theory. If something looks neglected it probably is,” said Owen.

Tonight at 10, Mike Garrigan will show you where the other hot spots for condemned homes are in Rockford and what the city is trying to do to help owners get their condemned homes and apartments livable again.

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