Rockford School District Uses "Act of God" Days for School Cancellations

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford School District is turning to what they call "Act of God" days after classes were canceled for the sixth time this winter.

By law the Rockford School District can only keep their students an extra five days at the end of the year. Now the district is asking approval from the state superinendent to wipe out the remaining canceled days.

The Rockford School District's calendar is 185 days long according to Superintendent Ehren Jarrett. Five of those days are built in for school cancelations. He says the studens are now going to class on Casimir Pulaski day and Teacher's Institute Day. They are typically off these two days. Now kids will have to stay an extra three days at the end of the school year. The last day is scheduled for June 9th. "Act of God" days as Rockford School District calls them, were used for Tuesday's cancelations and any others for the remainder of the school year.

"We would have a shorter calendar year this year because we have exceeded the number of emergency days we have. Right now we've exceeded that number by one. We hope it stops there and we will continue to monitor the situation," said Superintendent Ehren Jarrett.

Superintendent Jarrett says in his 20 years in the education field he has never seen so many weather related closings.

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