Rockford School District Offering Financial Scholars Program

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Understanding things like the stock market and interest rate can sometimes be difficult for adults. That’s why a local school district is trying to prepare students now, for the real world.

“And now you want to throw things at me don’t ya?”

Finances can be frustrating, but throw in some humor and financial literacy becomes a little easier to understand.

Freshmen at Guilford High School are taking a new course to learn how to manage money.

“They’re learning about banking, credit cards and credit scores, how to invest their money, how to watch out for consumer fraud,” said Freshman seminar teacher Mike Lantz.

They’re also learning about mortgages and financing education.

“It’s going to give us an idea of what we want to do, like some important decisions we might have to make,” said Guilford freshman Dangelo Rynders.

Those decisions are important for the entire economy, which is why Rockford Bank and Trust decided to pay the more than $12,000 yearly bill for the program.

“We want them to go out and be successful citizens in the community, it’s going to help them be successful in college and beyond,” said Kristin King, VP of Rockford Bank and Trust.

“If people know how to deal with debt then they can stay out and it will help the economy,” said Guilford freshman, Tanner Huff.
The videos are helping kids learn that logic.

Rockford Bank and Trust has signed a 3-year contract with District 205. The program is taught in all four high schools. Last year 534 students took the course. A little more than half have received a financial literacy certificate.

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