Rockford Residents Dig Out From Record Snow

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The kids may have had a day off from school because of the snow, but many parents still had to work and then clear off all that snow from around the house.

Corey Hughes put in a full day at work, before coming home to a driveway full of snow. That's the story for most of us. Fortunately, a neighbor helped by plowing his driveway earlier in the day. But it still was an hour-long project.

"I was ready for it to end before it even started. I am not a fan of the snow so hopefully this is the last one. "it;s just overwhelming after the end of a long work day ti have to come home and deal with this. but you know, it is what it is," Hughes said.

Area plow drivers were also busy. The City of Rockford crews hit the roads at 5:00 a.m. spreading a dwindling salt supply. Rockford had 14,000 tons of salt at the start of this winter but in the month of February alone, the city used 11,000 tons of salt.

Rockford's Public Works Department Tim Hanson says on during the latest round of winter weather has forced the city to tap into next years salt supply.

"We are using salt from the 2013 budget. Contractor wise we have used about a half of a million dollars worth of contractors for the month of February. The bill for this storm will likely be somewhere around the $175,000 dollar mark," Hanson said.

The city is already deep into the snow budget for the year. So any more winter weather this month could push them over budget.

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