Rockford Residents Alerted to Roofing Solicitors

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ROCKFORD –- The City of Rockford Construction and Development Services Division is alerting property owners to be aware of soliciting roofing contractors and not to be pressured to accept work from unlicensed roofing contractors.

The City of Rockford requires all roofing repairs and replacement projects to first obtain a roofing permit from the City.

It is illegal for a person to go door to door in the City of Rockford without having first obtained a Solicitation Permit from the City.

The solicitation permit is required to be easily readable on the individual and includes the City of Rockford logo and name, the solicitation company, organization or association, the name of the solicitor, and the effective dates of the permit.

The permissible hours of solicitation are between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Prior to the City issuing a solicitation permit, individuals are required to pass a background check.

The State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation licenses roofing contractors and the City also verifies contractors are in compliance with State roofing license regulations. Not only does this help ensure that roofing work will meet minimum standards but it is also important because licensed roofing contractors are required to be insured in order to do business in Illinois. Licensed roofers are also required to have their license number and business name properly identified on their trucks and must use their license number on any bids, advertising or marketing materials.

General contractors are not permitted to provide roofing services unless they also have an active roofing contractor license. If a contractor does sub-contract out a roofing job, this should be stated on the contract and include the subcontractor’s business name and license number as the subcontractor is required to be licensed with Illinois. The consumer has a right to know who is actually performing the work and, it is the law.

Permits are required to be posted on the job site and should be visible from the street, if you would like to report roofing that is taking place without a permit, if you have any roofing questions, or if you see something suspicious as it relates to roofing activity, please call Construction & Development Services at 815-987-5550.

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