Gallup Poll Ranks Rockford as 13th Least Desirable City

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Transform Rockford is trying to turn our city around. However, we can't seem to escape the polls, putting our home as one of the least attractive places to live.

The Gallup poll puts Rockford as the 13th most miserable city to live in, which is actually a step up from last year's ranking at number 3 .It does go to show our city is making improvements, but Transform Rockford members say it's no where close to where we wanna be.

"It's a city that was once vibrant, and had a great manufacturing base, great wealth. It slipped, it certainly slipped, the poll shows those results. At the same time we have the wear with all in our community to rise forward and move on from that," says Transform Rockford Co-Leader, Ron Clewer.

Transform Rockford co-leader Ron Clewer believes it's not an easy task turning the city around, but if the community sticks together we can make it happen. Clewer says we can't take what the poll says too seriously because we are taking steps in the right direction. The poll also looked at congressional districts, and Adam Kinzinger's 16th district didn't fare so well either, ranking 282nd out of 434.

"Part of the area that my district incumbencies has been hit very hard with the economic recession and especially with the manufacturing decline in the last 20 years. We gotta get our state government right and do a lot better on the federal level, but we live in a fantastic district with great people and where we have challenges we're gonna meet head on," says Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

The Gallup poll is based on 6 criteria including physical and emotional health, access to basic needs and work environment. Huntington West Virginia was named the most miserable city. On the other end, Provo Utah earned the title of most content city.
the 17th congressional district placed 229th out of 424.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos sent us a statement about that ranking. She says she's been encouraging local growth in Rockford by hosting career fairs to give people jobs.

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