Rockford Public Schools Could See Cost Savings from New Windows

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Despite the last few sub-zero temperature days, District 205 could see a savings on its natural gas costs thanks to some new, more efficient windows at East High School. District 205 also says some other schools responsible for a big chunk of the district’s heating bill will soon be following suit.

Shiny windows line the outside of East High School. The district just finished installing them last month as part of its 10-year facilities plan.

“Right now we can tell they’re providing a better, comfortable environment for the students and the teachers in the classrooms," said Chief Operations Officer Todd Schmidt.

School leaders say the windows are better insulated, keeping the rooms warmer and reducing outside noise.

The more-efficient windows are expected to save the district about 10 to 15% on its heating bill, but there could been more savings, as more improvements get underway.

District 205 still has to do mechanical upgrades with thermostats and control systems.

“We’ll get our biggest bang when we have both of these combined together. We’re looking upwards maybe at least 20% potentially, once we have all our mechanical upgrades and windows done," said Schmidt.

Before the new windows, East, West, and Lincoln Middle School accounted for 25% of the district’s natural gas costs. That number will continue to decline after West and Lincoln get their new windows later this year and next year.

The district says it’s too soon to measure how much money the windows have saved the. Also, it’s not an accurate comparison from now to this time last year because of how cold it’s been.

They should know how much they’ve saved by March, which is the end of the heating season.

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