Rockford Public Library Set to Take Sullivan Center

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- After months of meetings and some controversy, the Rockford Public Library Board of Trustees voted to officially take on the Sullivan Center during trustees meeting Monday night.

The Rockford Public Library plans to use the Sullivan Center for different programs, but the Board of Trustees had to accept the donor agreement Monday night in order for the paperwork to begin. Trustees discussed the details of the agreement as well as the concerns that the library wouldn't have full control of the Sullivan Center. Owner of the building, Richard Nordlof, donated it to the library earlier this year. Now, the board can finalize the transfer paperwork. Frank Novak is the Executive Director of the library and he says the real work has just begun.

"We have to move some programming, we have programming right now that we can do, that we can take right now to the center, and it'll be just fine. But for us to do some of the bigger programming that we're looking at down the road, there are a few things we have to do with the property," said Novak.

Novak says the next step is handling details like adding new carpet to the theater and adding telephone service. He says they also have to figure out which programs the center will be used for. Novak says they will begin moving employees and services into the building after the transfer papers are completed by the owner. Although the building was donated, trustees say it will take about $85,000 to operate the center in its first year.

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