Rockford Police and State Police Move Narcotics Units to DEA Office

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Area drug investigators are stepping up their game, going after drug dealers in a way they never have before.

"Drug trafficking is connected to everything. We see that it’s connected to domestic violence, it’s connected to assault and battery, burglary, I could go on and on and on," Drug Enforcement Administration Resident Agent in Charge, Brian Besser, said.

Catching a drug dealer is like a game of cat and mouse. Officers have to be one step ahead of the dealer, predicting when and where they're going to make their next sale. It’s a hard job for narcotics teams, but it should get easier with the stateline’s three biggest narcotics units under one roof.

"We've been here approximately one week and I've already seen the benefits of this co-location with resources, with knowledge, with the intel we've gotten within the first week it's already been beneficial, I’ve seen firsthand,” Sgt. Randy Berke, a member of the Rockford Police Department’s Narcotics Team, said.

The police department’s narcotics unit and the state police's stateline area narcotics team just moved into the Drug Enforcement Agency's Rockford office.

"This is a venture that is almost unprecedented in this area," Besser said.

The move makes it easier for the agencies to share information and work on cases together, not to mention actually catching drug dealers in the act.

"We've had situations already where manpower has been a great assistance to us because some of my detectives were busy when a call came in that was occurring at that time and with the additional resources here they dropped everything they were doing and were able to come out and assist us," Sgt. Berke said.

The Rockford Narcotics Unit is still also working with the FBI and the ATF on investigations as well as with the DEA.

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