Rockford Police Warning Public of Phone Scam

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford Police is warning the public of a telephone scam that involves victims being asked to provide their credit card information. For more information, please see the press release below from police:

During the past several days the Rockford Police Dept. has received numerous reports from citizens and local banking institutions regarding an attempted telephone scam that is occurring in the greater Rockford area.

The scam is initiated when random individuals receive a text message on their mobile phone indicating that their credit card account has been compromised. The text then instructs the individual to contact their credit card company or financial institution at a telephone number provided in the text. When individuals contact the number purported to be for their financial institution they receive an automated message asking them to enter their credit card number in order to stop any fraudulent activity on the account. Once the victim enters his/her credit card number it allows the suspect(s) access to use the account to make unauthorized purchases.

The Rockford Police Dept. encourages people to be wary of such unsolicited text messages and calls asking them to input their personal information, account numbers, or other sensitive information. Individuals can determine the validity of any such calls or text messages by contacting their financial institutions directly using published telephone numbers.

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