Rockford Police Union Releases Radio Ad

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Police Union recently released a new ad that slams the city administration for not providing enough financial information about the topic.

The male voiceover states: “Why won't the city provide the dollar figures? Is it because the cost will be staggering to the public? Is it because it is an election year? Maybe the administration simply doesn't know."

The sixty second spot goes on to say that the union doesn't think geo-policing will reduce crime in the city. Police union president Terry Peterson adds his voice to what he's calling an infomercial. He says the union stands with the Rockford aldermen who voted down the city's budget last week.

“The aldermen have been standing up and asking really hard questions about what it's going to cost and they, like us, are finding they have been stonewalled on the real answer. If there’s going to be true transparency, we’re going to help them get it out there, that’s our position"

The city of Rockford administration is aware of the ad but has no statement on it at this time.

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