Rockford Police Looking for Drivers Talking on Cell Phones

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The ringing of our cell phone is almost irresistible to answer, but if we don't have a hands free device answering it while driving can cost us.

Cassie Anderson started her day with red and blue lights in her rear-view mirror.

“I was just trying to make a quick phone call on my way to work and it really wasn't the best idea,” she said.

Anderson was stopped by one of the five Rockford Police officers working a special detail around Auburn High School, looking for drivers breaking the hands-free driving law.

"I mean I have a hands free and it was way easier to pop it in than it was to waste my time here on the side of the road," Anderson said.

All month Rockford Police are patrolling school zones, looking for drivers talking on their cell phones. So far, officers say they've given out 10 to 20 tickets this month.

Rockford Police aren't just patrolling school zones. As part of national Distracted Driving Month every officer in April is on high alert, looking for those of us who just can't put down our phone.

"When someone sees a squad car they drop it down, but you'll see people driving and they'll have it right up at the steering wheel and it's just an accident waiting to happen," Officer Curtis Sockwell, said.

Since the law took effect on January 1 officers say they've handed out nearly 50 tickets.

"Pay attention, obey the law. Hey, nobody's above a ticket. It's not worth your $75, right?" Anderson said.

The first ticket is $75. It goes up to $100 for the second offense, $125 for the third, and $150 after that.

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