Rockford Police Set Goals for 2014

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford Police say shootings are happening too often. Although the number of shots fired dropped last year officers want to hear less gunfire. It’s one of the department’s main goals for 2014.

Gregory Curry came home Tuesday night to find his street filled with police cars.

"It was crazy that old man got shot. It was pretty crazy," Curry said.

The new dad and his family just moved into their home down the street from where a man was shot multiple times. Curry's now questioning the safety of his new neighborhood.

"It’s not something you can plan for," he said.

Rockford Police want to make sure we all feel safe in our homes. The department says despite a drop in the number of calls for shots fired in 2013 it wants to lower that number even more. The goal for 2014: A five percent decrease in gunfire and an increase of ten percent of guns taken off streets.

"The more weapons you can get off that are unlawfully possessed by people, it usually leads to arrests. The more arrests you make the less are out there shooting, so it all ends up being tied together," Rockford Police Deputy Chief Lori Sweeney, said.

That means police will be looking for people who may have guns illegally. Officers plan more parole checks. They'll also continue saturating high crime areas and working with the Violent Crime Task Force.

It’s an attainable goal that Gregory Curry hopes the police department can not only meet, but exceed.

"There's a lot of guns out here, but as it shows last night, it’s not changing anything," Curry said.

The department says burglary is another big issue it wants to tackle this year. It’s been working with the Neighborhood Network to establish more neighborhood watch groups to help cut down on property crime.

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