Rockford Pearl Harbor Vet Shares War Stories

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's important for the younger generation to hear stories from those that sacrificed their lives to protect the rights of our country. And few veterans in the country have a more compelling story to tell than Dr. Allen Pang of Rockford.

Dr. Pang is the last surviving Rockford military personnel who was at Pearl Harbor. And if that wasn't unique enough. Get this Dr. Pang's very first day in the military was that fateful date of December 7th 1941. The Auburn High School Veterans Project interviewed Dr. Pang Friday afternoon at Rockford College for the purpose of preserving his story for future generations.

"I think today and there might have been one or two other times since I left the service in 1945 that I've told the story. I haven't even told some of these things to my kids because they never asked. Not even my wife because they haven't asked," Pang said.

Dr. Pang is the 16th veteran from WWII, Korea and Vietnam to be interviewed by the Auburn Veterans Project.

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