Rockford Peaches Talk Women's History

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A little snow wasn’t enough to stop members of the Rockford Network of professional women from attending their monthly luncheon.

Today the group sat down with members of the Rockford peaches in honor of Women’s History Month. The Peaches were one of the first teams to be a part of the all-girls baseball league in 1943 and of course they were memorialized in the classic film, “A League of Their Own”.

Today the Peaches talked about how times have changed.

“Well, it was uite the thing to do to play baseball in a skirt, and beside that, women weren’t supposed to be playing baseball. So we conquered a couple fields right there. And the men came out, they thought they’d see a bunch of pretty legs, but we showed ‘em we could play baseball, too,” said Helen Waddell who played for the Peaches.

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