Rockford Native Describes California Earthquake

LOS ANGELES, CA (WIFR) -- Smaller earthquakes continue to rattle the Los Angeles area Saturday after a 5.1 magnitude temblor Friday night, and one Rockford native was right in the middle of it.

"All of a sudden everything let loose. There was a big jolt that shook everything and that's when my ceiling fan started swinging and my cabinet doors swung open," Kyle Martin, a Rockford native who lives in the L.A. area, said.

Martin lives just 10 miles from the epicenter and says it's the strongest earthquake he's felt in his 20 years living there. Luckily his home only had minor damage, but others in California had quite a bit of clean up. Crews are now inspecting bridges, dams, and rail tracks for signs of damage.

Martin says although the shaking only last a few seconds it felt like a lot longer.

"That big jolt comes along and it’s not really the bumping or thud, it’s the front to back or side to side motion, depending on how you're sitting that wakes your brain up and says oh crap, and so you know, for me that’s when you actually really realize what’s going on," he said.

No one was killed in that earthquake.

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