Rockford Man Finds Letter From WWII

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Rockford man is trying to find the person who lost a special love letter written to them by someone possibly fighting overseas in world war two.

David martin was walking in Rockford when he came across a letter sitting in the street. It's post dated December 1944 and written by Neal Moore who was in England during the war. The letter was written to Bessie Moore in Galena Park Texas... David says he's had luck finding cool things in the streets before but nothing like this.

"I just hope it can get returned to its rightful owner or a relative of the owner," says Martin. "They probably want this and probably don't realize that its missing."

David says his only hope is that someone see's this story and tracks him down so they can get back what certainly seems like a very valuable item..

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