Rockford Kent Plant Receives Runner-Up Feed Mill of the Year Award

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- AFIA (American Feed Industry Association) and Feedstuffs Magazine representatives presented the Runner-up “Feed Mill of the Year” award to personnel at the Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) manufacturing plant in Rockford, Illinois today. The Feed Mill of the Year program recognizes overall excellence in feed manufacturing operations, emphasizing safety, quality, regulatory compliance, operating efficiencies and overall industry awareness of feed safety.
“The key to our success is our people,” according to plant manager Tom Smolen. “The employees at the Rockford plant have taken to heart what is required to be considered a top notch feed mill,” he said.
The KNG plant at Rockford, located at 1612 South Bend Road, was constructed in 1964 and has the capacity to manufacture 20,000 tons of feed annually. The facility is HACCP and Safe Feed/SafeFood certified.

“The Rockford employees embrace the Kent Vision of becoming a recognized leader in creating value through sustainable, nutritious, innovative products. The people make an organization and this is a strong and dedicated group of personnel. They are always ready to show off their feed mill and demonstrate what they do at any time,” said Smolen.

“As is the case year after year, the quality of applicants to the Feed Mill of the Year program continues to increase,” stated Keith Epperson, AFIA Vice President of Manufacturing and Training. “This year was no exception. Kent Nutrition Group – Rockford should be applauded not only for their obligation to their customers, but to their plants and the industry as a whole,” he continued.

Over 80 feed facilities competed for this year’s award. According to Epperson, feed mills find value in the feedback and applicant data a facility receives by entering. This benchmarking data is a useful tool for any mill to improve its overall standing in the program as well as to improve the facility in the areas of safety, quality, efficiency, housekeeping and government compliance.

Both Kent and Blue Seal are master brands of Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. Kent Nutrition Group is a leading manufacturer of quality feeds throughout the Midwest and Northeast. A subsidiary of Kent Corporation, Kent Nutrition Group remains part of a family-owned network of food companies including Grain Processing Corporation and Kent Pet Group of Muscatine, Iowa, and Precision Foods Group, of St. Louis, Missouri.

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