Rockford Etsy Team to Debut at First Show

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A group of local artists has teamed up to sell their handmade goods in one place, the online site Etsy, in the hopes that their sales will translate into a boom for the area's economy.

"I want to help promote Rockford as an art culture, which when I moved here I was surprised to find. I think people are maybe tired of working for other people and want to be their own bosses and be creative while doing it," said Nikki Hollander, a Rockford Etsy Team Member

That's why more than a 150 artists have joined Rockford's Etsy teammate showcase on the site and collaborate to bring more money into Rockford. The group offers workshops to help one another and the public learn more about selling online. Before individuals were on their own, this allows them to use the knowledge of the group to become successful entrepreneurs.

"There's alot of people who are wanting to buy more local made products rather then producst taht are made overseas," said Kari McDonald. "We can help support our local economy by supporting the artusts who make their craft here so the money stays here and gets circulated here."

25 members of the Etsy team will have their wares on sale at the Spring ArtScene this Friday and Saturday.

The ArtScene takes place April 5th from 5-9 p.m. and April 6th from 3-9 p.m. at Mendelssohn Hall (formerly First Presbyterian Church) located at 406 N. Main Street in Rockford. For more information, visit

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