Rockford Daycare Center Takes Part in Active Shooter Training

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A local daycare center takes part in training that can help them protect our babies if a gunman ever entered their building.

Circles of Learning trained all 75 of their staff the past two weeks in how to deal with an active shooter by going over drills and scenarios. They practiced taking a gunman down ans discussed plans for how to evacuate children in case of an emergency.

The learning center's Executive Director Anita Rumage says training at daycare centers isn't happening as much. She says her staff really needed this training because of how young the children are.

"Much of the active shooter training is for schools and for children that are older," said Rumage, "children that could walk away that can run away that you can tell them what to do. A baby can't."

Training instructor Woodson Fuller said most Rockford area schools have already done this kind of training.

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