Rockford Council Reviews City Debt, Plans for Downtown Sports Complex

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The city is still waiting on federal approval for funding on one major project aimed at bringing even more visitors to the Stateline for the downtown sports complex.

Aldermen got an update on the project during a special meeting Saturday; $4 million of federal funding remains on hold until the city passes an environmental review of the former District 205 building. The city plans to demolish that building to make way for parking at the sports complex. If the city passes the environmental review, there's still a six month period where the city has to prove there aren't other potential uses for the space. Aldermen also crunched the numbers of the city's debt if they take out up to 12 million dollars in loans for the project.

“A lot of good things came out here but we still need to come to the bottom line is where does the money come from that allows these things to take place. That’s not a wrong thing to ask, it doesn't mean you're opposed to anything going forward but you need to know what the cost is before you make a commitment that’s going to run the tax payers out 25 years," says 10th Ward Alderman Frank Beach.

City leaders hope the council will vote on whether to take out those loans before the end of May. The new opening date for the downtown sports complex is May of 2016.

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