Rockford City Budget Remains in Limbo

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It was déjà vu at Rockford city council Monday night as aldermen read in, and then promptly voted down the city's budget.

Aldermen continue to drag their feet over the budget; this was the second time it’s been defeated and that's got Mayor Larry Morrissey’s rather frustrated.

“I’ve asked the questions, I’ve sent around memos to the aldermen asking them if they have something to offer, because to me, at the end of the day, it's people just trying to be cute who are running for re-election. I honestly don't know but it shouldn't be my job to guess to get them to do their job," says Morrissey.

This back and forth has been ongoing since then fall when the $117 million budget first landed in the council's hands. A few of the aldermen say their “no” votes are because they haven't gotten enough answers about geo-policing. They know the department is doing it already, there's one district commander in place, but questions remain about three potential new city buildings.

“Either he wants to set up a meeting and ask us all to come in so it isn't one and one and ‘he said, she said’, have a meeting with all of the aldermen who voted no and find out what their objections are and try to resolve them. He's asking us to send him reasons, I’ve tried that and it just doesn't work," says 4th Ward Aldermen Carl Wasco.

Wasco was one of the 9 aldermen who voted no Monday on the budget. Three voted yes and two were absent.

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