Rockford Chiropractor Sentenced for Tax Evasion

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A Rockford chiropractor has been sentenced for federal income tax evasion.

The defendant, Todd Cevene, 42, of Caledonia was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison. Cevene was charged on December 14, 2012 with tax evasion by a criminal and pled guilty to the charge on December 21, 2012. The court also ordered Cevene to serve 3 years of supervised release following imprisonment and to pay a fine of $40,000.

According the plea agreement, Cevene owned or controlled Cevene Care Clinic, S.C., Cevene Management Group, Inc., Cevene Enterprises, LLC and Todd Cevene Alaska Asset Preservation Trust. Cevene admitted that between 2004-2007, he intentionally evaded payment of his federal income taxes by transferring substantial amounts of Cevene Care Clinic’s income to Cevene Management Group, Todd Cevene Alaska Asset Preservation Trust, and Cevene Enterprises. Cevene then used a large amount of the transferred funds to pay for his personal expenses, knowing that these payments would improperly be used as business expense deduction on the federal income tax returns of the entities and that he would not claim those payments as his own personal income. Cevene admitted in his plea agreement that he also caused a large amount of the transferred funds to be transferred directly to him and that he did not include all of those distributions as income on his own personal federal income tax returns.

According to the plea agreement, Cevene admitted that by spreading the income of Cevene Care Clinic among the other entities and using those funds to pay for his personal expenses and make distributions, he intended to diminish the likelihood of discovery of his attempt to evade federal income taxes. Cevene further admitted that he frequently made more than one transfer between the entities in an attempt to avoid detection.

Cevene admitted he owed substantial amounts of income tax for calendar years 2004 through 2007 to the United States that he did not accurately report or pay. Cevene further admitted that his failure to accurately report income and expenses during those years caused a total underpayment of federal income tax of $91,568. Cevene paid these back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service prior to today’s sentencing.

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