Rockford Candidates Face Off Over Political Ad

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The two candidates for the 34th District Senate seat are squaring off over a new campaign commercial that's been hitting the airwaves.

Democratic candidate Steve Stadelman has put out an ad highlighting minimum wage violations at Gambino Realtors. His opponent, Republican Frank Gambino is part owner of the company. At a press conference today, Gambino acknowledged there was a payroll issue for two employees. He adds that the error was fixed as soon as the company was told about it. Gambino says he wants the ad pulled because he has never cheated an employee.

"When somebody uses the word cheat, as a child cheat means one thing but as an adult it has a much greater meaning. It means fraud and I believe we have been defamed in a manner and I hope he and I can remedy the situation,” said Gambino.

“He has led voters to believe as a business man that's why voters should send him to Springfield, and now he's saying he wasn't in charge? He wasn't aware of the wrong doing? That's not an excuse," Stadelman said.

Stadelman and Gambino will face off in our studio tomorrow during a special hour-long edition of the 23 News at 6. We'll be asking each candidate some of the questions you've submitted on our Facebook page.

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