Rockford Aerospace Companies Attend Paris Air Show

UNDATED (WIFR) -- Rockford aerospace companies hope a trip to Paris will help boost business here in the Stateline.

Members of the Rockford Area Aerospace Network are attending the Paris Air Show, which is one of the world's largest and most prestigious trade shows for the aviation and aerospace industry. The delegation will be meeting with some of the biggest companies like Boeing and Airbus to show off Rockford's Aerospace Cluster. Jeff Kaney is Chairman of The Rockford Area Aerospace Network, he says the trip was made possible by state funded STEP Grants.

"It was a very important piece to this Aerospace Network. It allowed our five of the seven companies to go. It paid 50%-70% of expenses. But just as important is the booth is the fact it showcases the State of Illinois, it showcases the Rockford region and it also showcases our individual companies," Kaney said.

The aerospace group will be heading next month to the Oshkosh Air Show.

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