Rock Valley College Plans for the Future

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – As many students prepare for graduation on Friday, Rock Valley College is looking ahead to how it can become a bigger part of the community.

With newly appointed leadership in place, RVC is planning on ramping up its recruitment efforts and expanding its programs to better fit the area’s needs.

Leaders say that over the next five to ten years, people should expect to see RVC play a larger role in the community. Recently elected Board of Trustees chair Frank Haney says that most of all, everyone just needs to work together to be able to make improvements in the Stateline.

"As we go forward, this community is telling us very loud and clear that Rock Valley is a huge community asset. We need to make sure that we're connecting when and wherever we can with folks, who number one, need us the most and, number two, other community organizations that might have a dual mission or we combine forces and can help our community,” said Haney.

Haney says RVC plans on beginning construction on its new aviation facility at Rockford airport very soon. The college is also looking into the possibility of adding a building for its healthcare program.

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