Rock House Kids in Rockford Expands

It serves as a place for hundreds of low-income kids to get tutoring and a free meal after school and now workers at rock house kids in Rockford can take in more children who may have nowhere else to go.

On the outside, Rock House Kids looks like a typical building along 7th Street in Rockford. But inside, it's filled with young kids from the neighborhood singing and dancing along to music.

"A lot of the kids come from challenging home environments that when they come here they get to be safe and they can kinda let their hair down a little bit," said Barbara Seaworth, who volunteers as a teacher.

And now they can do so with even more space after a 20,000 square foot expansion.

"The construction, the paint, the carpet was donated to us."

In fact nearly everything was donated to turn this.... into this- a larger community area with more classrooms to teach nearly one hundred kids a day.

"I'm excited to see their smiling faces when I come in."

As one of the after school teachers, Barbara Seaworth says this expansion gives kids even more room to grow.

"That's what we want for them to become good citizens of this community. We're teaching them values, morals, patience," said Seaworth.

Values, Seaworth says can help change the community one child at a time.

"Help a child today so you won't have to repair an adult tomorrow."

Rock House Kids only takes children up to 6th grade, however older kids can come back as teen leaders to help. Seaworth says they are always looking for more volunteers.

Seaworth says they'd like to have a transportation service to bus kids from other areas to their building on 7th street.

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