Rock County Sheriff Announces Award Winners

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ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) -- Sheriff Spoden with the Rock County Sheriff's Office presented the following awards to several Rock County citizens, as well as, Rock County Sheriff’s Office personnel on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The award winners are:

Deputy of the Year: Deputy Luke DuCharme

Deputy DuCharme is a first shift patrol deputy as well as a member of the Honor Guard, Mobile Field Force and Field Training Officer. Deputy DuCharme serves often on the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) patrols and is sought after for instructing Rock County Sheriff’s Office employees and other departments regarding tactics for identifying drug trafficking and illegal activity. He has maintained high productivity on patrol, while being involved so heavily throughout the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy DuCharme also volunteers in his community, serving as a youth football coach and the local food pantry.

Correctional Officer of the Year: Correctional Officer Larry deLorimer

Correctional Officer deLorimier has served the Sheriff’s Office since 2008. He is currently assigned to Community Corrections –Workender Program. Officer deLorimier excels at dependability and initiative. He was noted by his peers as always willing to help and someone that makes their work day easier. Officer deLorimier is a forward thinker that consistently plans ahead and prepares for whatever event may occur. He puts the needs of the Sheriff’s Office ahead of his own, his demonstrated values and beliefs have been an example for others.

Civilian Employee of the Year: Administrative Assistant Sarah Anderson

Administrative Assistant Sarah Anderson was instrumental in the Sheriff’s Office change to the Spillman Records Management System. Sarah helped develop our usage plan and has worked with the company experts during the initial implementation. She continues to help staff negotiate through the new system. Sarah has demonstrated her insightful and thorough ability to help others in a process that can be difficult and frustrating. The change would have been difficult without her hard work and dedication.

F. Joseph Black Leadership Award: Captain Craig Strouse

Praised for being an innovative and motivating leader, Capt. Strouse was nominated by a Correctional Officer for his energetic, enthusiastic and passionate leadership style. He was instrumental in preparing and developing the Jail personnel as they staffed the renovated facility. Captain Strouse is described as a transformational leader that cares about each member of his staff and helping them succeed.

Citizen Award:

Lois Corwin, Executive Director of Friends of Noah

Friends of Noah serves as a resource for animals in Rock County. By the end of 2013, Friends of Noah assisted the Sheriff’s Office in providing new homes for 103 animals in need. They also assisted in providing equipment to help catch and save the animals, contact information for other resources and free training for Sheriff’s Office Humane Officers.

Mona Antonelli, BTC (retired) RECAP

Since 1994, Mona served as an integral part of the Rock County Sheriff’s Office RECAP Program. Working for BTC, she linked Blackhawk Technical College with the RECAP program and was directly involved in securing funding and grant monies. Her work enabled the RECAP program to continue to provide educational opportunities and classroom materials to inmates.

Adam James Durham

Adam observed a suspect fighting with a deputy. The deputy was attempting to take the suspect into custody during a threats complaint. As the deputy called for more assistance, Adam stepped in and assisted in controlling the suspect until additional deputies could arrive. His willingness to help when needed helped resolve the situation without injury to the suspect or deputy.

Dr. Ray Ibeling, DVM Madison Road Veterinary Clinic

Dr Ibeling has volunteered and assisted with several animal mistreatment investigations in Rock County. He has volunteered his time to ensure the deputies investigating the incidents had the technical assistance needed to properly handle the cases. The investigations were lengthy and involved a large number of animals, the investigations would have been significantly more difficult without Dr. Ibeling’s valuable assistance.

Sheriff’s Award:

Detective Ron Betley

Detective Betley has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1997 and is presently assigned to the Detective Bureau. He has served on a number of specialty teams/assignments during his career. Currently he is an Assistant Team Leader on the SWAT Team, Firearms Instructor, DAAT Instructor, and even reached the level of a State of Wisconsin - Master Instructor for Vehicle Contacts. In 2012, he was chosen to coordinate the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team firearms training and has shown to be innovative and challenging while still remaining conscious of the legal responsibilities and concerns of the Sheriff’s Office. Detective Betley consistently demonstrates his dedication to the Sheriff’s Office often placing the needs of our agency above his own. His attitude, creativity, diligence and work ethic are an example for others and peers will often seek his input and advice.

Sergeant Jay Wood

Sgt. Wood has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1999. He is currently a first shift sergeant for the patrol division. Sgt. Wood oversees numerous grant programs that the Sheriff’s Office is involved in. During 2013 for St Patricks day, he organized the first countywide traffic campaign involving multiple agencies in Rock County as well as the Wisconsin State Patrol. In addition he created an educational campaign and distributed material to local media outlets. For the 2013 Prom season, Sgt. Wood partnered with AAA of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the use of a driving simulator at local high schools. He further collaborated with local high schools and businesses to create the Rock County Operation Click Chapter, organized to prevent young drivers from drinking and driving, riding with someone that had been drinking and wearing their seatbelts. Sgt. Wood was able to secure as a grand prize for 2014, a vehicle that was donated by Burtness Chevrolet of Orfordville. His dedication and work towards improving highway safety is second to none.


Deputy Luke DuCharme & Deputy Bambi Stoikes

Responded to a shots fired complaint that involved an injured female. Upon arrival formulated a plan for locating and rescuing the victim. In spite of a “very viable threat to their own safety” DuCharme and Stoikes put their plan to action, locating the victim with the intent to rescue her, while having no idea where the suspect had hidden himself.

Deputy Corene Bilhorn

Deputy Bilhorn discovered information that a homicide suspect was going to attempt to escape from the jail. Upon gathering the information she took quick and decisive action to prevent the escape. She involved the Correctional staff and the escape was prevented.

Dep. Michael Schauer, Dep. Gregory Joseph, Dep. Caleb Beutin, Dep. Greg Westness, Dep. Ryan Bittorf, Sgt. Egger, and Sgt. Mark Thompson

The Deputies and Sergeants responded to an officer needing assistance. The officer had been disarmed and was being violently assaulted by the suspect. The responding deputies acted quickly to gain control of the suspect and place him into custody averting a potential tragedy.

Dep. Monica Fuentes

Deputy Fuentes, while off duty eating in a Janesville restaurant, observed smoke coming from a building across the street from her. When she observed a man enter the building she went to see if help was needed. At this time a portion of the roof had collapsed and flames were visible. Deputy Fuentes directed the man to leave the building and he complied. Responding fire personnel advised that if the man had remained in the building he most likely would have perished. (Business owner Tom Carlson will be present at the ceremony to personally thank Deputy Fuentes)

Lifesaving Award:

Correctional Officer Elijah Millard

Correctional Officer Millard discovered an inmate attempting to commit suicide. Through his quick and decisive actions prevented the inmate from serious injury or death.

Correctional Officer Grant Wolff

Correctional Officer Wolff discovered an inmate attempting to hang himself. With his keen observations and quick action prevented the inmate from seriously injuring himself.

Dep. Maria Amador & Dep. Josh Molter

While on patrol came across a semi vs guardrail crash. They observed the driver appeared to be in cardiac arrest. They gave the driver CPR until an ambulance arrived on scene and was transported to the hospital. The driver was able to make a full recovery.

Dep. Josh Molter, Dep. Tony Barr, Deputy Jeff Adams & Dep. Maria Amador

The deputies were dispatched to a motorcycle accident; the driver had suffered severe head injuries and stopped breathing. The responding deputies performed CPR and utilized an AED. An ambulance arrived and transported the patient, where he recovered but sustained long term injuries. (The victim Dr. Bart Schmitt will be at the awards ceremony to personally thank the deputies)

Community Service Award:

Administrative Assistant Sandy Hill & Secretary II Patricia Swartout

Sandy Hill and Pat Swartout organized the Sheriff’s Office effort to send “care packages” to military personnel deployed overseas. Due to their efforts enough was gathered to send 75 care packages. They solicited donations in our workplace and community, organized, filled, packed and shipped all of the packages. (Msgr. Donn Heiar will be present at the ceremony to personally thank them for the care packages that were sent to his unit in Afghanistan)
Unit Citation

Rock County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT):

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team is nominated for their work in 2013, which included twelve operations including numerous search warrants, barricaded subjects and dealing with a homicide suspect.

Dep Ducharme

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