Rock County Cemetery Dealing with Thieves

ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) -- The Rock County Sheriff's Department is stepping up patrols around the Luther Valley Cemetery near Beloit after reports of grave robbers.

One woman says she's been decorating her moms grave with expensive flower baskets and metal statues. All to find out someone took them. And it's not the first time at this cemetery, apparently its been going on for weeks.

Dawn Wells describes her mom who passed in a car accident six years ago.

"She had a great laugh, she was always there for her kids, she loves to fish, hunt, she loved flowering, she was amazing to us," Wells said.

Located outside of Beloit in the quiet country side you'd never think the peace of the dead would be disturbed.

"They're taking things from people who aren't alive, how do you do that," Dawn said.

Dawn says the cemetery has been struggling with thieves and her moms grave wasn't left out.

The crooks are stealing everything from flower baskets to plaques for veterans. The Rock County Sheriff's Office told church members here that there's not much they can do but they are patrolling the area at night.
so far, no ones been caught

Dawns step-dad Dan Olson is part of the cemetery board and says he clueless.

"People calling because they're losing their flowers and vases solar lights. You name it, they've been down here taking it," Olson said.

Olson's the fifth generation of his family who founded the church back in 1844. He says he proud but right now he's also mad.
"You get a lot of calls and boy it's ah, they're really heartbroken over it and it's a sad deal it really is."

Dawn who says she was very close to her mom and used the cemetery as way to talk, pray and connect with her, wants answers.

"Seeing them gone, and knowing that they're not there anymore... its just heartbreaking," Dawn said.

The Rock County Sheriff's Department says five families have reported items missing from graves. As of right now nobody has been caught, and deputies will continue to patrol the area closely.

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