Rock County 911 Films Non-Emergency PSA

ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) --- Local 911 dispatchers are being overwhelmed sometimes with unnecessary phone calls. Some people are using the emergency number to complain about loud dogs and even ask silly questions.

But as reporter Michael Stevens from our sister station Madison says, the Rock County 911 center hopes a new tool will cut down on callers misusing the system.

"If there's too much noise and you're sleeping real poor, dial 757-2244."

It's a number that's hard to forget, and that's the way Rock County Communications Director, Kathy Sukus, wants it.

"People just call 911, instead of looking up the non-emergency number to report belated incidents, or barking dogs, or parking complaints," said Sukus. Those are the calls Sukus is trying to cut down on by shooting the PSA.

"The lyrics were written by me and a friend of mine, here in town," said Jamie Campbell, a local musician, and the face of the video.

"Me and him got together, and just sat down, scribbled out the lyrics for the song, and had a lot of fun doing it," said Campbell.

The idea is not an original, it comes from Franklin, Tennessee. A police department with a different number, but same problem.

An out of the box way to promote an important message, a risk Sukus is taking, in hopes of it catching on.

"It's something different that we haven't done before, and I'm a pretty straight and narrow person, so we'll see. We'll see, how how it comes out on film."

The communications department says, programming the number in your cell will also help you remember to dial 608-757-2244 instead of 911.

The full video is expected to be released via social media in April.

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