Rochelle Township High School Gives Away Car for Perfect Attendance

ROCHELLE (WIFR) -- Rochelle High School has found a unique way to boost attendance rates-- by giving away a car!

Alejandro Nambo was today's big winner. The junior will take home this Chevy Malibu donated by Sawicki Motor Company.

To get his name in the drawing, Nambo had to have perfect attendance for at least one quarter.

The more quarters a student has perfect attendance, the better his or her odds of winning.

Nambo says he never misses school and can't believe his luck, "I was shocked, and I didn't think I was going to win. It was just a surprise cause I was joking around with my friends, and I won! I heard my name."

Nambo won't actually turn 16 until late June, but he plans on taking his driving test on his birthday.

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