Road Salt Prices Likely to Affect Road Projects

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ROSCOE (WIFR) – Some Stateline communities are feeling the pinch of rising road salt prices as they look ahead to the winter, which means there may be less money for road projects.

The price of road salt has almost doubled since last year because of a shortage after what was a brutal winter this past season. Roscoe has to pay nearly double what it paid for salt last year, leaving them with less money for road repairs. Village president David Krienke says there are roads in his village that now won’t get the attention they need.

“Whatever we do next spring will be scaled back because of the cost of the salt because we’re not going to go into debt to fix streets,” said Roscoe Village President David Krienke.

The city of Rockford also had to pay more for salt, but public works leaders say Rockford won’t suffer as much due to the salt price hike as other smaller communities will.

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