UPDATE: Road Rage in Roscoe Township

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ROSCOE TOWNSHIP (WIFR) -- An update to a story we told you about on Friday. Residents of one Roscoe neighborhood have petitioned against the Roscoe Township Board, after construction started on a driveway to a new sports complex that runs through their neighborhood.

The Roscoe Township Board sent us a copy of a letter written in response to neighbor concerns. It states negotiations went on for year with a property owner to change the entrance location outside the subdivision, but no agreement was reached. The board says they may consider an alternative entrance in the future.

ROSCOE TOWNSHIP (WIFR) -- Families in a Roscoe Township neighborhood are passing around a petition stating they have no confidence in the town's trustees. As 23 News Rreporter Landon Cassman tells us, it all centers around a new sports complex.

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