Road Construction Projects for 2013

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Road construction may be a nuisance to some drivers, but the finished product could change a city's image. Local leaders have their sights set on some big projects in the next year.

Driving down 6th Street might be hectic now, but that could change if the Whitman Street Interchange is redesigned. The City of Rockford wants to turn several one-way roads like Longwood into two directions. State legislators now have to find the nearly $50 million needed to pay for it.

“These are projects that are important for industrial and commercial growth, it's vital to Rockford and the Rockford area's future to have these projects done,” said State Senator Dave Syverson.

These projects are not included in the $400 million capital improvement plan approved in 2009. Five of those projects are already underway, like the widening of Route 173.

"The North Main project is currently under design, the 173 project is already designed, and will be going to bid at the end of the year,” said Regional Engineer, Paul Loete.

Construction will resume this spring, if leaders can come up with the money. Additional projects like the Whitman Street Bridge could start by the end of the year.

Other projects include reconstructing West State Street from Meridian Road to Kent Creek.

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