Rita Crundwell Back in Court

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DIXON (WIFR) -- The woman who's pleaded guilty to stealing millions from the city of Dixon, was back in court today.

Rita Crundwell's defense filed a motion last week for a status extension and today judge Ronald Jacobson granted that motion.

Crundwell entered the courtroom with public defender Bob Thompson by her side. Crundwell didn't say anything, but Thompson said there's about 2,200 pages of discovery.

Thompson also asked for more time to *consider a motion to dismiss the 60 counts of theft Crundwell faces. That's because she's already pleaded guilty to a federal charge that encompasses the same crime, and the law says you can't be prosecuted for the same crime twice. Dixon's Mayor says he hopes the state charges remain.

"The thought behind this whole thing of pushing this whole thing to get the state charges in, was we don't know what the federal judge is going to do, and I'm not suggesting that he isn't going to have a punishment to fit the crime but let's suppose that there isn't, we wanted to have a little back up,” said Dixon Mayor, Jim Burke.

We weren't the only media there today. Inside Edition, the national program that airs here on WIFR was also there. They're working on a Crundwell story that's expected to air after her federal sentencing on February 14th. Crundwell will be back in state court on March 4th.

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