Revision to Illinois Puppy Lemon Law

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ROCHELLE (WIFR) -- Local breeder Jeanette Bryant uses this contract to ensure her customer's safety in purchasing a healthy puppy. All her dogs are American Kennel verified and vet checked before they leave her home.

"You can't guarantee there won't be any heredity problem but each breeder has their own contract if they're a reputable breeder".

Breeders who don't have contracts now have more protection through the Illinois Puppy Lemon Law. The legislation was just signed in may, but was just revised. Now, pet stores of breeders who sell sick puppies will only have to give a full refund of the dog, or reimburse the customer for vet fees. under the original law, stores and breeders had to pay double the amount of the vet bills.

"If they just paid vet bills that's more than enough because that's the worst part of it all."

Caitlyn Becker is no stranger to big vet bills. After buying Sophia, Becker noticed the dog had eye problems. Three thousand dollars later, both the dog's eyes were removed because of a fatal congenital disorder.

"I had to come back home, I had to leave school for a year, and I had to pick up I had two jobs at one point. I had so much I had to do just for her."

Becker got Sophia before the Lemon Law was passed, but says she's glad its in place now, for any future dog owners.

"I would seek to get that money, I would fight for it, because you deserve it."

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