Restaurant Celebrates Grand Opening

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OREGON (WIFR) -- An Oregon man has seen his share of hardship, but he's hoping all that will come to an end tonight at the grand opening of his new restaurant.

After losing his job of six years, Andrew Riegel spent a year and half sending out job applications but hearing nothing back. Then, one day, he decided to pursue his passion: cooking great barbeque. Though today was the grand opening for his Oregon barbeque joint, he's already thinking about opening up more restaurants in the area.

"I want to go to Dixon and open a restaurant there. Then maybe Sterling, then Rochelle, and i just want to open several more restaurants. I think the people have really welcomed me. I have a lot of people come in from out of town. A lot of people ask, 'when are going to be opening?' as soon as I can afford it, I’ll be open,” said Riegel.

Riegel's restaurant has been unofficially open for the past couple of months. Many customers who came in today said this wasn't there first time there, and it sure won't be their last.

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