Republican Primary Race for Ogle County State's Attorney

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OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) -- The two men competing for the State's Attorney seat in Ogle County are also trying to save lives through their work. We caught up with the candidates on Sunday, who say keeping illegal drugs off the street is their top priority.

Both candidates, Mike Rock and Eric Morrow say heroin is a growing issue in their county, and both want to crack down on the drug. However, each candidate has a different approach to eliminating the problem. Current Ogle County State Attorney Mike Rock, is running against Eric Morrow, and both have a combined 30 years of experience in the courtroom. Morrow believes people who are caught selling drugs need tougher prison sentences. He also wants to help drug users quit the cycle of addiction and become integrated members of society. Rock believes in seeking tougher sentences for repeat offenders, like drug dealers. He also thinks incarceration isn't the answer for everyone. He feels as though, some people need specialized programs to break their habits. Both candidates think their previous experience has prepared them for the State's Attorney position.

"I have a wide range of experience in civil law. I have been a prosecutor and defense attorney, along with a general practice attorney for nearly 14 years. All of that practice has been in Ogle County," says Attorney, Eric Morrow.

"A prosecutor's duty is to seek justice and that's something I take very serious. That's why I was in private practice for 10 and a half years in the Rockford area. I came back to the State's Attorney's office because I wanted to serve the pubic," says current Ogle County State Attorney, Mike Rock.

This year's election is also historic because 17-year-olds, who who will be 18 and registered by the November elections can now vote. People of Ogle County urge the youth to take advantage of this opportunity. The candidates for Ogle County Sheriff were also at today's event. If you missed our interviews with them last week, you can find a link to that story on our Politics page or in the related stories section.

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