Republican Primary Race for Illinois Governor

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Candidates are making their final stops on the campaign trail on election eve. Republican gubernatorial hopeful, Bruce Rauner, stopped in Rockford Monday to talk about getting Illinois' finances back on track.

With less than 24 hours until voters pick a republican nominee for governor, the Chicago businessman is hoping to pick up a few more votes in the Stateline.

The casually dressed candidate spoke about lowering taxes for businesses and creating more jobs. Rauner says he wants to treat Springfield more like a corporation.

"We need to reduce the regulatory burden on business and tax burden on business so companies want to come here and invest and grow that's a top priority. We've got to reduce the spending in Springfield with significant pension reform we need Medic Aid reform and we need to reduce the bureaucracy and layers of government in Springfield run it lean more like a business," Rauner said.

Rauner also wants to create term limits for Illinois politicians to a maximum of eight years.

Rauner faces off against Illinois Treasure Dan Rutherford and State Senators Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With the primary election less than two days away, Republican candidates for Governor are making their final push by zeroing in on Rockford, and hoping to win over undecided voters.

Touring the state today, both Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard seemed confident during their time in Rockford that they'll win the primary election. Dillard was so confident that in fact, he talked more about beating Governor Patt Quinn than focusing on his opponents.

"Sending Pat Quinn packing is not going to be easy. You can't beat Patt Quinn with a nominee whose so close to democrats like Rahm Emmanuel that they vacation together," says (R) Candidate for Governor, Kirk Dilard.

Dillard says he wants to help spur our growth in the Stateline through Rockford's already thriving aerospace industry. To do that, he wants to change laws to make Illinois more competitive with our neighboring states. Bill Brady also talked about job creation in the aviation field. He says that won't happen unless we lower property taxes, and improve our schools.

"Between the aerospace industry manufacturing, as well as this airport, are two things that I want to see better utilized and marketed. As Governor, we're going to work with the local officials and small businesses to foster the opportunity those businesses can provide for families," says (R) Candidate for Governor, Bill Brady.

Dillard and Kirk both believe that reducing medicaid fraud will help eliminate the growing debt in Illinois. They face State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and businessman Bruce Rauner in the primary.

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